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Shower Door Replacement Parts: Useful Information

No matter how much you like your bathroom and how well you maintain it nothing lasts forever, even the highest quality metal. Believe it or not but almost every component of your shower will need to be replaced sooner or later. It's important to understand that every type of shower requires specific replacement shower door parts. There are different types of these items on the today's market, and even though they look similar, each of them has its definite function. And applying the wrong shower door part may cause even more serious damage in your shower door.

Framed and Frameless Showers

Both of these types of showers require different shower door parts. Thus, a hinged framed shower door will require seals, hinges and / or sweeps. You may avoid hinge replacements by replacing shims, gaskets, or hinge pins, for example. Shower door replacement parts for rolling framed shower doors also vary; they include rollers, tracks, and guides. Minor shower door parts include guides and roller wheels which are made of nylon. However, there are roller wheels made of steel or stainless steel, by the way, roller housings are mainly made of the same materials. Seals and sweeps are usually vinyl when used for framed shower doors.

It's necessary to emphasize that framed shower doors are just a part of a great system that requires sealants and framing. The framing shower door parts are usually made of aluminum. Channels are chosen depending on the glass thicknesses and may have different wall heights. Sometimes, rubber glazing channels are used. They can be also made of vinyl and are placed between the glass panels and metal frame to prevent cracking or chipping that may result in shattering. In addition, silicone sealants may be used to shield glass from damage.

A less umber of shower door replacement parts are needed for frameless doors, even though they are more fragile with no framing. Hinges for these doors are characterized by hinge pins that help to close the door preventing it from knocking against the wall or anything else. Frameless shower doors need more extensive sweep and seal because of bigger gaps in the shower door parts. Some of such doors may be only an inch away from the floor, wall, or any other panel. The thresholds can also create some distance between the floor and the panel. The thresholds should be finished in the suitable colors depending on the common finishes used on handles, hinges, and other bathroom accessories.

Frameless shower systems are available in diverse varieties, including simple 180 or 90 degree systems and more complex neo-angle systems. The more advanced a system is, the more efficient shower door replacement parts are required. If numerous glass pieces are involved, support bars and glass clamps must be used to keep the panels in a stable position. These parts may need notching or drilling in glass panels. Besides, tempered glass may be used, it can't be cut or drilled. That's why it's advised to have exact measurements and cut-out templates before cutting and tempering your panels. The parts that are meant to support panels are mainly aluminum or stainless steel.

Shower door replacement parts are available in different finishes to match any bathroom decor. These can be metallic finishes or those with powder-coat paints. Shower door hinges and clamps come in diverse shapes and designs, however you should pay attention not only to the aesthetic appeal of a needed part but to its function as well.

November 12, 2016 Posted by Vivien Sand