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Rough Collie Temperament and Lifespan

Versatile abilities explain the nature of the Rough Collie. These good-natured dogs are brought to its master and adapt to the style of his life. With the athletes they become active participants in the competitions and sports activities. They can participate in a variety of active sports. In families with children collies take over the functions of a caring nurse, funny friend and advocate for children. For people leading a quiet life, it will make good companions for walking being intelligent friends.

Collie tries to avoid conflict with strangers and other animals, but if necessary can give a fitting rebuff to the enemy, source Modern Collie shows excellent security, investigative and herding abilities being the perfect companion for humans. After a special course of training they can become professional guides for the blind.

Temperament of Collie is active, they are always ready to play and run, quickly react to everything that happens around, curious, different intelligence, wit, easy to train and have an excellent memory. The life expectancy is about 11-14 years.

How Much Does a Rough Collie Cost and Price Range

The price varies from $300 to $800. Usually the pet quality dogs cost more than $1000. The breed type of dogs also cost much but a bit cheaper than the show quality dog. The other factor influencing the price of your pet is the breeder's location. Be careful buying the puppy and check all its documents.

Rough Collie Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Coat color can be: tricolor, red, from bright to sable and marble. Particular importance is attached to white markings: in any color white collar is required, white socks on the feet, white tip of tail and white blaze on the face.

Collie, has the height from 56 cm to 61-cm at the withers. Weight of males is from 20 and a half kilograms and 29-minute. Weight of females is from 18 to 25 kilograms. If you have already decided exactly what aim you have buying Collie, you need to define the purpose of its acquisition. If you want to have another soulmate, then you first need to pay attention to the health and character of the puppy.

Rough Collie Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

It is known that even littermates may differ significantly from each other in character. There are more timid puppies as well as more active, someone from childhood wary of strangers, and the other are all around friends. Of course, the formation of character depends on the patience and perseverance of the future owner, but still many of the habits have already been at the genetic level.

July 05, 2017 Posted by Vivien Sand