Dear Dr, My daughter has had Fibromyalgia for many years now. She is always tired especially in the morning. Her doctor is giving her a new medicine called Provigil that is suppose to help her be more awake, she said it is a new medicine, is this a good medicine for my daughter? Ms Myrna from Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Ms. Myrna, Thank you for writing. Fibromyalgia is a difficult illness, especially with tiredness. Provigil is a new medicine on the market from Cephalon Inc. It is to promote wakefulness without widespread stimulation of the whole brain like with other stimulants. It is fairly new, so exactly how well it work will have to be seen over time. It does offer some new hope for tiredness. Please let me know how this works out for your daughter. There (namzaric) are such supplements for the brain, it might be worth trying them as.

Dear Dr, Is there really a difference between generic and name brand medicines? I have some of both but I cannot tell any difference. Micki from Georgia

Dear Micki, The answer is yes and no. Some medicines work the about the same in either generic or brand, like Ibuprofen and Motrin. Pain medicine, on the other hand, needs to be name brand. Panlor (dihydrocodeine), is my most prescribed pain medicine, which at present it does not have a generic form. Vicodin is another quality pain medicine which I prescribe only in the name brand. Soma, Zanaflex, and Skelaxin are superb muscle relaxers and really need to be name brand necessary. A good rule of thumb is: if in doubt- get the name brand, it usually does make a difference. Thank you for writing.

Dear Dr, There are so many muscle relaxers, how does someone know which one to take? Is it ok to take these in the daytime? Debbie from Utah, AZ

Dear Debbie, Thank you for writing. There are a number of muscle relaxers. I only use Soma, Zanaflex, and Skelaxin. I use Skelaxin only for daytime use and Soma plus 1 Zanaflex at bed. Even though both of these are muscles relaxers they have different unique qualities. Ask your physician if these might be right for you. I hand select each and every medicine I use, I am very particular about the medicines I chose. These three are the only muscle medicines I use out of the multiple choices.

Thanks, Catherine

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