Physical Therapy Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

Unfortunately, there are times when going to the doctor and getting prescriptions to overcome chronic back pain is useless. Searching for an alternative may end up leading you to physical therapy treatments when all else fails. While this can be quite expensive during a time where healthcare costs are on the rise, sometimes there are ways to utilize these back pain exercises right in the comfort of your own home.

Keep in mind we always recommend that you talk to your physician before taking your own initiative simply because some of them may not be for you. We would hate for anyone to try something and only injure themselves more if his body can't take the exertion. Just read over the material below and if there is something you are interested in, talk to your doctor first before going any further.

Passive Treatments

If you want back pain relief, it all starts with either passive or active treatments. Each has its own ability to get your body back to the way it was before the problems started, but it is done with different methods. Passive treatments give you the opportunity to try to get better without doing anything yourself. This may include deep tissue massages, hot and cold treatments, ultrasounds and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

The first two are common methods, but the last two deal with mechanical enhancement. Ultrasounds send waves of sound through the tissues hoping to increase blood circulation by using heat. This can alleviate swelling and muscle spasms along with several other benefits. TENS uses the electrical current avenues trying to build more endorphins up in your body which will in turn take away the pain naturally. All are great forms to help with chronic back pain, but most likely will be recommended after a screening process of questions.

Active Treatments

This is basically performing back pain exercises where you twist, turn, and bend properly to loosen the area inflamed. To cope theraworx relief with the exercises can help special supplements. Although this is productive, there isn't one specific set of exercises you can utilize without going to a therapist. They take into account not only the symptoms you are having now, but also any form of medical history you may have had in the past. Most will even look into your family history to see if this is common.

Once everything is discovered, you will be given a routine based on your answers. When you are used to them at a therapy session, it will then progress to the next level, becoming a little more difficult. Even after you have become healthy again or aren't experiencing anymore back problems, your personal therapist will most likely put you on a specific routine. Eating different foods, in home exercises and other interests may be brought to your attention to prevent it from happening again.

Are There Other Treatments?

Yes, there is, but we wouldn't really recommend doing them until you've tried some of the ones above first. Acupuncture is becoming quite popular and is considered by some to help alleviate lower back pain. Unfortunately, without enough proper information to have from you in regards to your own chronic problem, it's difficult to say whether or not this could work for you without side effects. Since every person is unique in nature so will his body's reaction to different treatments.

Besides acupuncture you may come across information on the Alexander technique, backschool, craniosacral therapy, Feldenkrais therapy, or hydrotherapy. While each have there own value, most of them offer no help to securing themselves in physical therapy treatments for two reasons. First, doctors may not have seen any positive results in years past for patients, and considered them to be ineffective over many years of research. The second just deals with not having enough viable information on the subject.

The End Result

Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of the various avenues you can take to rid yourself of chronic back pain. It's important that you realize how unwise it is to try something without proper consent. Damaging effects can occur and leave you with a disability if you're not careful.

So be patient, we understand from personal experience it can frustrating to go from one thing to another without results. We ask that if you want proper back pain relief, talk with a chiropractor or your family physician who can recommend a good physical therapist. Once they give you proper back pain exercises to do at home, life should be a lot easier.

Thanks, Catherine

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